zondag 20 februari 2011

chrome search engines

I've switched for quite some time now to chrome. However one oddity remained with chrome after I came back from holiday in Turkey: entering search terms in the address / search bar would lead me to the turkish google site, displaying turkish sites first, and all google information in Turkish.

I do like Turkish pizza, and I wish good health and good fortune to the Turkish people and I even don't mind when the Turkish become member of the European Union but having my search results in Turkish is just over the edge. This is where my love for Turkey stops.

Problem was to change this behavior I tried setting locale, but nothing was wrong with that (or maybe resetting did not solve it).
Until half an hour ago: I found the search engine option under the manage key at the basic preference panel. There I could not edit the default google search engine, so I tried to add an entry, but I found no way to add that entry to the default search engine part. I then removed google but alas I was not able to restore that leaving me only with bing or yahoo as a valid option.

I tried reinstalling chrome: to no avail as the user data settings are not updated. Removing the whole user data setting part (under ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default) Did solve my problem but that also removed all my local settings. Only removing the Web Data file was the accurate and spot on solution. This appears to be a sqlite datafile so I may be able to change it from there, but chrome is just capable of restoring this file to its original state and that solved my issue.