dinsdag 17 april 2007

Icefaces seam and all

Hopefully an effort which will last to monitor my progress on my journey into jboss seam, icefaces and other relevant technologies. In the far past I used to be the treasurer of my volleybalclub, and I made a nice webapplication for maintaining all my expenses, credits debets etc. This application was made in Silverstream my employer at that time, but Silverstream went out of business or novell took over or god knows what and I havent been able to maintain the application or even migrate the application.
Of course my suceessor used Excel again and nothing wrong with Excel but I still have the feeling that there might be some business in a small treasure like application for small / medium sized clubs or institutes. I'm not really hindred by a bookkeeping or economic background, so that is not an obstacle.
Since 4 or 5 years I've been carrying the idea of reimplementing the application using the various opensource java techniques available at time. EJB 1.1, 2, struts, jsp, jsf, tapestry jsf etc. All without much result, I just haven't been able to master the technologies without proper guidance or education in my own spare time. Looking at the ejb3 comments its probably not really a shame, but It felt like it and finally I dare to speak out openly.
Lately I discovered seam and jboss and I have the feeling that this combination with jsf (icefaces) may work out. Hopefully I'm capable of keeping this blog up to date so people may benifit from it and otherwise it might be a worthwile resource for me to look back.

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